The New Slaves Paradox

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Open Wounds (Spoken Word)

Crystal Anokam

There was this girl.
She used to sit in the back of my English class.
She was so quiet and reserved,
never uttered more than a few words.
Her favorite author was Edgar Allan Poe.
She was a huge humanitarian and wanted to save the world.
She would walk into class with a few bruises on her skin.
Her step father beat her so bad cause he had a rough day workin
He would walk in towering over her and slowly rape her skin
Her mother didn’t believe her cause she was so in love with him
She would use so much make up to cover up but the scars could still be seen if you looked between the fake smile and cover ups.
Eyes full hurt it made you wonder what else was wrong within
Poor girl would cry herself to sleep
Wake up wipe her eyes and press repeat
Open the door, walk out and pray before the streets
Afraid if anyone heard she would be mocked before the streets
She thinks she’s ugly so she hides in bathroom stalls
Looks in the mirror but never sees anything but her flaws
School girls laugh and say she ain’t pretty at all
School boys say she looking sweet but all they really wanna do is get her in they sheets
Pops in another pill praying for another will
Words tear her heart like bullets
As blood stains the carpets
And all that’s left is her carcass
Another soul lost because of low self esteem

There was this boy
Met him off the whim
Very bright and intelligent young chap
His father left him when he was just a kid
Mother works two jobs just to pay of all the house bills
Doesn’t have much clothes so he has to wear his sisters clothes
And as he walks the school halls
Walls echo insults and as if that wasn’t enough his only friend was shot in a drive by incident

So I ask myself: there’s so many people in the world but not one that was kind enough to listen to them ?
When we see someone in pain, we turn a cold shoulder because they don’t fit in to our “standards”
We laugh cause were afraid that if we don’t, we simply won’t fit in.
But would you rather watch someone kill them self because you wouldn’t listen?
Don’t hate others because they don’t fit in because you never know how far they’ve walked in this life of sin
And don’t be too quick to judge cause karma is a…. Well you know the rest

A Thousand Words


Crystal Anokam

A picture says a thousands words. Here I am stuck in a moment with you. Reminiscing on all our good times, but then I look at you. I see the joy hinted on your face at my pain. I see the happiness tickling your face at my defeat. Where did your love for me go? Where did our moment go? You gave up on me, and didn’t think twice about it. I’d rather stay stuck in a kodak moment, than to let you destroy my broken heart again. A picture says a thousands words, sucks that I’m at a loss of words. 


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