The New Slaves Paradox


my name is john moore and once in school i got suspended for saying ‘that’s what your wife was shouting last night’ during role call when the teacher said ‘Moore, John’

Too Late

Crystal Anokam

I keep letting you in
Time after time
I keep falling, crashing and burning
Do you know what it feels like to wear your heart on the sleeve and watch someone destroy it ?
Do you ?
Why do I always fall for your type ?
Day in and day out
I come thru for you
But you won’t ever take a shot for me
I get lonely too
But you don’t care
You don’t care if I’m up all night thinking of you
You don’t care if all I ever want is you
No, all you care about is just you

Why’d it take me so long,?
Take me so long to see that, who you are will never be compatible with me
I let those kisses deceive me
I let your beauty take hold of me
I fell in love with the wrong person
Too bad it’s too late to get my heart back


Fatal Attraction

Crystal Anokam

Ever want something you can’t have?
You want it so bad but you know it’s so wrong, so flawed, so lurid
I feel like I’ve been robbed.
Sitting in class anxiously waiting to see you walk by as I smell your sweet and soft fragrance;
To look into those big brown eyes;
To watch your physique tear me apart;
To listen to a voice made by angels;
A thousand words combined in flawless waves of beauty one cannot see.

I feel like I’ve been robbed.
My heart and mind has been taken by you
Thoughts of you fill my head constantly, everywhere I turn I see you - I want you
It’s inevitable that we were meant to be together
You complete me, but why should you?
Delicate in texture, yet so sinful in meaning.
Why should a monster such as you have such vile effect on me?
You took my benevolence and turned it against me
You used me in a millions ways possible, breaking me
Crushing my soul and leaving me to mend these broken bones and broken holes
I say I hate you, but each time I fall deeper in love with you
I got my heart stolen
I couldn’t stop you from leading me on because part of me didn’t want to stop you
I’m fatally attracted to you
Desire makes me crave you
Too bad this just another tragic love…


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